Sam Corlett

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Adobe CQ

Adobe CQ, is a world-first baseline digital assessment, designed to define and evaluate creative expertise and
find potential within businesses. Each test aims at empowering individuals to harness their creative strengths and chart a course towards leadership excellence.

The test methodology determines a respondent’s creative strengths and development areas as a leader with a persona. Each resulting persona arms the respondent with customised learning resources such as blogs and webinars to sharpen their creative skills across critical business areas – from data management and technology to culture and experience.

The idea was to showcase these personas in a fun, vibrant  and abstract that captures the characteristics of each result.

Those people who embodied a more structured creativity approached are coupled with a persona that is made with angular and more mechanical pieces. Where as those embracing a more highly creative, fluid output are represented by organic and abstract forms.

In crafting these imaginative structures, I leveraged Adobe’s 3D rendering software (Dimension) in tandem with Photoshop. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in shaping the campaign’s branding and crafting the website design.

Take the test here:

Won best Mumbrella CommsCon Best B2B Campaign award 2021.

Work completed at WE Communications