Sam Corlett

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Consentium, an advisor group operating under the JBS&G umbrella, offers strategic advisory services to organizations navigating projects in socially and environmentally sensitive contexts.

Charged with crafting a brand identity our goal was to help communicate the values and mission of the company in a way that epitomised modernity while remaining grounded in environmental stewardship.

The idea of blending togther construction, industry and the enviroment appealed to our client. This helped center our thinking on creating a distinct and modern logo mark—a fusion of trees inside an stable structure. Symbolising the coexistence of the environment and construction, the mark embodies the belief that each entity can mutually benefit the other.

In addition to the logo identity, we crafted a comprehensive set of guidelines and templates to ensure consistency in the brand’s visual and messaging elements. We were also responsibile for setting up a presentation template and other documents to help give the newly created brand base to grow.

Brand Identity.
Print and digital collateral.

Work done at Edelman