Sam Corlett

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


KFC Youth Foundation

In the wake of the announcement of KFC’s new youth foundation we were tasked with creating a report document with information and statistics about the youth of Australia, what is affecting them, and how we and KFC can help.

The report was to follow the recent KFC brand but add some fun and youthfulness to the graphs and we achieved this by illustrating the statistics and adding people to them to help bring home the idea of the foundation and make the information engaging.

Following the announcement of the foundation, we also create a custom KFC clothing label to help raise more funds for the foundation. We developed little icons and characters that represented KFC and their food and used them to make small pins, placed them as the pattern for tracksuit pants, socks and jumpers. Larger scale items were also made such as a KFC branded surfboard, custom one-off knitted drumstick and bucket wool hats and custom KFC t-shirts.

For our efforts with KFC we earned a Mumbrella CommsCon Best CSR Campaign award 2019.

Work done at Edelman