Sam Corlett

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Wired For Wonder

Wired for Wonder is an event, hosted by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, featuring international speakers across various fields in technology, business, arts, science and life.

Our objective was to create a dynamic visual identity reflecting the theme of evolution. We aimed to develop moving and static artwork that seamlessly integrated with the brand while catering to digital, print, and video assets for event promotion.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of movement and transformation found in nature, we explored the idea of cells morphing into new entities. Leveraging paint marbling techniques, we captured the fluidity and dynamism of this process, aligning with the event’s theme of evolution

As a team of three, we filmed ourselves performing marbling techniques to produce a diverse range of videos showcasing vibrant colors and textures. These visuals served as the foundation for video content, speaker tiles, background graphics, and print and digital collateral, ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual presence across all event materials.

Our dynamic branding approach not only captured the essence of Wired for Wonder but also resonated with audiences, drawing attention to the event and enhancing its promotional efforts. By infusing movement and fluidity into our design, we successfully conveyed the spirit of evolution while reinforcing the Commonwealth Bank’s brand identity.

Work done at Edelman Australia.